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Preformed products and linings

Preform is a customized product (with automatic cut or with die cut) made in various geometric shapes. On the other hand non woven cover needs stitching on the sides according to the customer's request.

With preformed liners and nonwoven cover we refer to customized non-woven fabric elements in circular, square or rectangular shapes cut with automatic cutting machines or with punches.

Non-woven preforms take all polypropylene applications to another level: non-woven fabric produced by Nontex is used by the aesthetic and medical field up to the automotive industry with an incredible degree of customization.


With a preformed non-woven fabric sheet you can make non woven sheets and rugs to be used where disposable non-woven fabric is the only possible solution. It can guarantee hygiene in a healthcare environment or create a sense of care and attention to customers.

Moving on to a completely different use, with non-woven fabric for cushions we can make covers that contain the cushion's wadding. At Nontex we can provide you with the cover sewn on 3 of the 4 sides to allow you to conclude the final process.

Through the use of dies - metal molds that under pressure give the fabric a shape - the sheets of non-woven fabric can become:

  • geometric shapes
  • sheets and bedspread
  • towels of various sizes;
  • customizable tablecloths and placemats

Nontex supplies nonwoven ready-made fabric and even semi-finished products.


Preforms are made by Nontex with the use of customized dies that we create for each individual customer.  

Covers represent a slightly more niche process with products made in an artisanal way on behalf of customers with special needs.

We also produce preforms in large formats, reaching an incredible level of customization and we are committed, with our development department, to support customers in a made-to-measure solution.


The potential of our preformed products are many and vary across fields pf use, let's see some of them:

Disposable nonwoven mats – which are cut in various shapes – are used in beauty centers as footrests for pedicures, ideal after a treatment or when you get off the massage’s bed.

Finding a soft (and hygienic) non-slip disposable mat on the ground can really please customers: the disposable non-woven mat can also be printed with logos or designs, bringing out a strong and clear identity of your business.

Disposable towels are used to wrap customers’ bodies inside spas and wellness centers and represent a valid alternative to cotton towels: disposable bath towels are lighter, more practical and (above all ) cheaper because they do not require any washing.

Disposable shower towels, thanks to the high absorbency and unexpected softness, give the pleasant sensation of dryness and softness after a shower.

A disposable towel just like non-woven shower towel can be customized both in size and in colors.

Disposable sheets are made from polypropylene sheets, the softness of nonwoven fabrics combined with the utility of disposable sheets are very appreciated in medical fields.

Disposable sheets are used as part of disposable linen inside clinical facilities or as medical sheets on the beds where patients lie down; a disposable non-woven sheet, compared to a roll of paper, has the great advantage of not tearing up.

Disposable sterile sheet, made of non-woven fabric, acts as a disposable sheet on ambulances and is used by medical and healthcare workers as a nonwoven bedspread; in the operating room it is called surgical drape and helps to maintain an aseptic environment.

There are some processes that require pre-cut nonwoven to adapt from time to time to specific fields. Non-woven fabrics cut with a custom die-cut fulfills this need.

Let’s limit ourselves to a couple of practical examples: in the furniture industry, an internal covering may be needed for the back of an armchair with particular shapes; in the automotive sector we use nonwoven fabric for filters or doors and seat linings.

All non-woven fabric coverings supplied by Nontex have specific characteristics such as elasticity and sound absorbency and are also accompanied by documents that certify fireproof or water-repellent fabric.


1 Composition: 100% spunbonded polypropylene

2 Colors: 5 50 colors available

3 Grammature: starting from 30gr/mq

4 Availability: raw material ready and die-cut on request

5 Personalization: shape and size made to measure

6 Minimum order: Depending on the size

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