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Non-woven fabric specialists

Reliable partners for your non-woven fabric supplies in small, medium and large quantities with the chance to customize it with prints.

Today there are several uses of non-woven fabric: among the synthetics fabrics it is certainly the most versatile and easy to work with thanks to its advanced technical characteristics.

Is there a real advantage for those who rely on Nontex?

Companies that create products or applications in non-woven fabric can count on an adequate, rapid and flexible supply: our working method guarantees (from small businesses to big industry) the availability of non-woven fabric.

So what does this mean in practical terms? It means that our customer does not have to stock anything because we take care of supplying nonwoven materials when needed, in any weight and color.

We succeed in this thanks to our warehouse of about 7,000 mq. and with a guaranteed delivery service within 24/48 hours; our precise and reliable organization has enabled us to work in Italy and abroad with high quality standards.

Our development department provides dedicated assistance with targeted studies and product tests; we also make prints, colors and cuts in special formats.

It is possible to request personalized stitching to obtain covers or other semi-finished products to be used for subsequent productions or, in specific cases, as a finished product.

Nontex guarantees any supply of non-woven fabric in just 24/48 hours thanks to the availability and organization of our warehouse.
For over 30 years we have been investing in people and equipment, working only with first choice materials, guaranteeing competitive prices.
philosophy and values

On the wide market, every single company promises “quality, forefront vision and customer care” but this is only the starting point: we think, in fact, it is not enough to write it without a concrete commitment.

This is why we at Nontex we keep this promise by stimulating a climate of respect and trust with suppliers and collaborators, and by paying attention to the environment.

We love to cultivate professionalism within the company to create lasting relationships and increasingly sustainable products.

An example? We have developed a particular non-woven fabric resulting from recycled plastic.

The experience with which we choose nonwoven producers, selected from among the best in the world, is very well-seen by our customers to whom we guarantee the high quality of our nonwovens.

our story

Nontex was officially created in 1991, but it was during the 1980s that the future founders gained experience on the new material created from polypropylene polymers.

After about 10 years of working on nonwoven fabric in an increasingly organized way, 2 things happen in rapid succession:

INTUITION. The infinite possibilities of application of the non-woven fabric are fully understood.

WAGER. A company dedicated entirely to the development and distribution of nonwoven is created.

Over time, this company specialized in the sale of non-woven fabric has become a trusted supplier for major production companies both in Italy and abroad. These companies contact us for a quality product combined with reliability and fast deliveries.

The choices made over the years have proved foresighted:

Only the best suppliers, to guarantee our customers the highest quality

Investments on equipment to offer the newest services, to respond to new requests and be increasingly competitive on the market

Having built a team of expert technicians, investing in them and trying to enrich the business culture of Nontex more and more.

The current headquarters of the company was built in 2010 in order to improve the safety and quality standards of the work. In this way we were able to provide an ever better product, reduce the environmental impact and improve the working environment for our collaborators.

Are you about to make something great? Share your ideas with us.
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…Or, for an even quicker response call 0574 682671, Sara from Nontex customer service will welcome you.

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    Are you about to accomplish something fantastic? Share your ideas with us.
    use the contact form...

    …Or, for an even quicker response call 0574 682671, you will be met by Sara from Nontex Customer Service.

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