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When it comes to textiles and nonwovens a lot of questions can come up because one TNT supply is never the same as another. On this page we try to answer the most common questions about the availability of our products. 

Customizable non-woven fabrics in a thousand formats, with unique shapes and sewn items The characteristics of the non-woven fabric make it a material suitable for the most diverse uses. Our machines allow you to cut it into formats of different shapes, sizes and dimensions: rectangular, circular, daisies or in any other shapes that your imagination suggests; we can also package sewn items such as, for example, the covers for the inside of the cushions or rework the fabrics with prints and laminations.

Our machines are able to process non-woven fabric without altering its quality: the product can be easily cut and die-cut in series thanks to the use of metal templates and presses, allowing the rapid preparation of even larger quantities.

The available weights are to be chosen in relation to your specific uses and the required characteristics.

Check the one that best suits your needs among the available colors:

Gr. 12/13; Gr. 14/15; Gr. 17; Gr. 18; Gr. 20; Gr. 25; Gr. 30; Gr. 35; Gr. 40; Gr. 50; Gr. 60; Gr. 65; Gr. 70; Gr. 90; Gr. 100; Gr. 120; Gr. 150

Gr. 15, Gr. 30, Gr. 40, Gr. 45, Gr. 50, Gr. 60, Gr. 65, Gr. 70, Gr. 90, Gr. 100, Gr. 120, Gr. 150

Gr. 40 , Gr. 50 , Gr. 60, Gr. 70, Gr. 100 , Gr. 150

Gr. 50, Gr. 60 , Gr. 70 , Gr. 100

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A non-woven fabric for every need: waterproof, printed, plastic-coated.

Non woven allows all this and Nontex is attentive to provide its customers with a product processing service that is truly tailored to their needs.

Some examples of what we can provide?

Ready-made non-woven tablecloths cut into customized shapes and sizes, printed with your logo, laminated according to your requests.

Rolls of the size you need for your work, chosen in the most suitable color and weight (our highly specialized staff will be able to advise you in case of uncertainty) and with your requested graphic motif printed on it.

…and so on.

The spunbond supplies that we can make available quickly are able to cover every need of manufacturing companies.

We offer 160 cm high printed material to be used for pillows and mattresses, or 210 – 220 cm to produce mattresses: our owned machines have printing capacity up to a height of cm. 240 for very fast deliveries within a few days after placing the order.

All, of course, with the rapidity and the quality assured that have allowed us to establish ourselves in the market in our more than twenty years of activity.

Contact us to explain your needs.

Nontex can boast over 50 colors of non-woven fabric available in stock: ranging from whites, mainly used for the production of mattresses, health and products of the beauty field, the soft pastels for the confectionery or flowers and plants’ field, up to the bright colors that are suitable, for example, on a stand or a shopper bag.

The possibilities offered to your creativity multiplies by customizing the articles with multicolored prints.

For all available colors you can order cuts of a variable height from 14mm to 3,200mm.

The solid colors available for nonwovens can be viewed in the “solid colors” folder of the site’s image gallery.

Rolls of non-woven fabric from a minimum of 50 meters each up to jumbo rolls

The cautious organization of the warehouse, the experience in the sector and the high quality of the machinery used allow us to respond with great flexibility to the supply needs of our customers.

Like all flat and soft materials, the supply of non-woven fabric usually takes place through the sale of various sizes rolls. Rolls are diverse in height (our rolls are available from 14 mm to 3.200 mm) and in diameter. We are always available to make rolls of non-woven fabric in standard sizes of 250/500/1000 linear meters or jumbo rolls in the required colors and weights, with any customization of the product.

In case you need a smaller quantity of product, however, we can supply non woven rolls of different lengths starting from 50/100 m.l. – thus giving you the opportunity to meet requests for limited or non-continuous productions.

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In caso di necessità di quantità minori di prodotto, però, possiamo fornirvi rotoli di nonwoven di lunghezza diversa a partire da 50/100 m.l. – dandovi così modo di far fronte a richieste di produzioni limitate o non continuative.

For manufacturing companies it is of primary importance to be able to count on:




In many years of activity in the non-woven sales field, we have always put reliability first in order to offer an excellent service to our customers.

Nontex has worked for a long time to be able to ensure the best results: a large warehouse of about 7,000 square meters makes the requested non-woven fabrics immediately available, in all colors. The machines for cutting, die-cutting and the printing machines allow to quickly process large quantities of non-woven. The staff is perceptive to the requests of each customer, which are carried out thanks to an efficient internal organization.

The exceptional result is that orders are processed within 24/48 hours (unless different agreements or special processing). The loyalty that our customers have shown us over the years is the best reward for the work done.

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