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Non-woven fabric: the infinite applications of non-woven fabric


In this article we will talk about the fields of application of non-woven fabric. For many, it still is a mystery: non-woven fabric is a versatile product and it is difficult to understand what it is made of.

Defining it is probably impossible, but we can try:

Thanks to its technical characteristics, which make it soft and resistant, a very thin non-woven fabric is obtained.

It deceives our senses because it appears to be woven to the sight and touch.

In our most read article we spent two words on the correct definition of non-woven fabric.

Nontex loves to repeat it often: anything is possible with nonwoven.

Practically? If coupled with other materials we will have water-repellent or fire-retardant nonwoven.

According to the type of final use, nonwoven fabric can be considered as washable fabric, as in masks for example; they are often made of washable non-woven fabric.

You just need to carefully choose the weight and the necessary technical specifications: this opens up a thousand possibilities (in a variety of sectors) for non-woven fabric.

What we talk about on this page:


Now that we have gathered the first information on nonwoven fabrics we are ready to start, let’s discover together almost all the possible applications of non-woven fabrics.

Follow me, off the brakes and … Let’s go!


They are practical, reasonable and ecological because they are made of 100% recyclable material, moreover given the ease of printing on them the customized non woven shoppers are fully part of the communication strategies most used by shops and businesses of all kinds.

Shoppers or bags in non-woven fabric stand out and represent an added value for customers.

Try to think.

Customers will reuse the customized non woven bags of your business on other occasions, carrying the brand name around the city.

Producers of non-woven bags or non-woven shoppers find in Nontex the assurance of

This is possible thanks to the great variety and availability of colors, and pre and post sales assistance tailored to your needs.

Why is it so important?

By this can you accurately evaluate the most suitable material to create customized non woven shoppers and the correct quantity for your business.

From the hotel business to a dress’ cover made of nonwoven fabric

nonwoven cloth.

We often find it inside a box: a light cloud of non-woven fabric that wraps your product up, decorating it.


A valuable product such as a leather bag, if wrapped in a non-woven dust bag with the producers’ customized logo on it, will have a much higher perceived value. Do you agree with us?

Another interesting use is that of hardy bags with the logo clearly visible and a closure tape. In what context can nonwoven fabric make a difference? 

You know the bath kit of a hotel? The bathrobe and the cotton towel left in the bathroom for you to be opened.

As you may have noticed, this equipment for your stay is often placed on the sink or near the shower isn’t it?

I’m not talking about the luxury hotel but…

I’m talking about those 2 or 3-stars hotels that with a little investment can generate a very positive outcome on customers’ perception.

(the non woven bag is very affordable)

The bathroom kit inside a small colored bag, perhaps customized with the hotel logo, gives the idea of good customer care and attention to detail.

Details make all the difference.

As we already said, non woven is a light material also used to wrap up clothing; just think of the practical, light and resistant garment bag, ideal for protecting clothes during transportation for example.

Now that you have a clearer idea, rememberidea

In a few days Nontex can deliver the non-woven fabric sheets already cut into the dimensions and shapes you want, already printed or plasticized also.

The non-woven material, a precious ally of the industry

Among the uses of nonwoven fabrics we quote the use of it in mattress, quilt and furniture factories, whether that’d be as an external coating and as an inside element.

Why is it particularly popular? Here are 3 points in favor of non-woven

Here at Nontex we are well aware of the needs of mattress and furniture manufacturers, so we help these industries in the choice and development of the necessary material, with studies and technical tests carried out by our experts.

We have developed non-woven rolls with a height of 160 cm suitable for cushions and mattresses and others of 210 – 240 cm to produce mattresses.

Furnishing fabrics, especially nonwovens for interiors, must meet higher safety standards than those of other fields of use; nonwoven (mainly spunbonded) is perfectly suited to meet these needs.

Write down this definition: non woven means flexible material used in a thousand different sectors 

Among the various formats available there are also rolls of ribbons to be used in trimmings or for edging and finishing.

Here at Nontex we have large quantities of spunbond non-woven fabrics in over 50 different colors, from a minimum of 14 mm up to a height of 3200 mm.

We can create custom-sized non-woven rolls, this allows us to support producers with accuracy and masterliness.

Disposable nonwoven: from gown to kimono up to non-woven capes

There are some fields where disposable non-woven products play a fundamental role.
We are talking about all those activities where hygiene makes a big difference. 

Hairdressers, beauticians and spas are some examples where disposable non-woven products are particularly appreciated by customers.

In this field, non-woven fabric items are practically irreplaceable, we are addressing to:

And it doesn’t end there, there’s more!

Producers of disposable items for the beauty field make caps, shoe covers, disposable towels and flaps.


There are multiple types of material, so the question is: which is the best non woven fabric on the market for this specific use?

Certainly the spunbonded is the most appreciated, this is due to its particular softness and its easiness in becoming a very thin finished product.

(Also Wikipedia mentions it in its dedicated page)
Imagine lying on a massage bed: the disposable nonwoven towel will guarantee the highest possible hygiene with a pleasant sensation when in contact with the skin.

At Nontex speed is everything, which is why we guarantee delivery within 24/48 h even for large quantities of spunbonded.

Medical nonwoven production: certified medical non-woven fabric

The demand for medical non-woven fabric has undergone a sharp surge, causing world production of medical nonwoven to skyrocket, and we all know the reason too well.

We all wore it starting from March 2020 …

Used to produce masks, nonwoven it is the material that has generated the greatest impact in our life coming from the medical field, therefore subject to specific certifications.

What is produced with medical non-woven fabric?

TNT surgical gown

Like many other fields, medical non woven fabric producers have faced a major health emergency, assembling everything in full swing:

The constant development of these disposable non-woven medical devices, thanks to the huge market demand, brings with it important reflections.


Ensuring very high quality standards must be the normal condition, but there is an aspect that reverses the situation.

The medical non-woven product must comply with the regulations, because without certifications it is of no use.

Therefore, to produce certified disposable gowns, for example, it is essential to use non-woven fabrics with very specific characteristics, designed for medical use; but the production standard alone is not enough, even if of high quality.

To operate in compliance with strict regulations, non woven fabric must be certified.

What certifications are we talking about? Here they are listed below:

At Nontex we work in full compliance with the regulations and we are one of the few companies able to certify its products.

When it comes to non woven fabrics in the medical field we also help our customer in the delicate phase of product development.

Non woven tablecloths for restaurants

The classic tablecloths for restaurants are outdated compared to the new non-woven tablecloths.

What are the main reasons?

The non-woven tablecloths have a lower cost and greater utility, as well as characteristics that cannot be found in the common and classic restaurant tablecloth.

The best example is probably that of stain-resistant tablecloths, produced with a light acrylic film coating.

This treatment avoids the absorption of any type of material, so stains are easily washable at low temperatures.

Basically you can present a table that is always perfect and varied, with colored and customizable disposable tablecloths.

For those involved in the restaurant field and catering it is important to be able to count on a good supply of tablecloths such as:

Nontex creates products with special shapes, also ideal for personalizing disposable tablecloths.

We know how to satisfy the requests of those who work in restaurants with colored, practical  and absolutely safe tablecloths.

Mulch films: the use of non-woven fabric in agriculture

tnt mulching cloth

The mulch sheet is a polypropylene nonwoven fabric, widely used in the agricultural field due to its extraordinary technical characteristics.

The porous structure of the mulch film makes it permeable to light, water and air; laid out directly on the plants, it protects them without damaging their growth.

Some types of mulch sheets allow the passage of light, and are used to protect plants from frost, wind and driving rain.

The nonwoven sheets also protect plants against some parasites because they prevent their entrance.


Non-woven fabric is therefore the material that must be chosen carefully according to one’s needs because of its many possibilities of application in different fields. 

Now that you know better its extraordinary adaptability in any production context, then you have certainly understood that, for your work, you need a reliable partner.

When it comes to non-woven you need availability, speed and proficiency; all values often recognized by Nontex customers.

Nontex is the home of non-woven fabric

For over 20 years we have been the most committed nonwoven fabrics suppliers to giving a concrete answer to their customers.

If you think (or already know) that you want to use nonwoven in your business, this is the best time to contact us!

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