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Non-woven polyester fabric is used in furnishings and technical clothings (alone or paired with natural fibers), also ideal as a support for digital and dye-sublimation printing.

Polyester is a synthetic fiber – like the polypropylene with which non-woven fabric is produced – used mainly in sportswear.

Some examples are running microfibre shirts or technical trekking shirts capable of combining comfort and functionality when touching with the skin, however the technical applications of polyester do not end there.

Polyester can be paired with other types of fabrics (such as wool and cotton) to create inner linings or as a lining; new styles are created in clothing in different colors and materials.

Thanks to the characteristics of this fiber, polyester fabric is waterproof and resistant to high temperatures up to 200 degrees, which is why non-woven polyester fabric is used in furnishing and technical clothing (alone or paired with natural fibers), ideal also as a support for digital and dye-sublimation printing.

poliestere è impermeabile


Polyester means flexibility and lightness, which is why it is used in fields such as transport, medical or safety devices, even those involved in furniture make extensive use of it to create:

  • Tents
  • Flooring
  • Upholstered furniture coverings

Polyester rolls supplied by Nontex are available in many heights and can be customized both in color (made to sample) and in weight on request.


Having reached this point, we certainly know more about the use of polyester: a synthetic non-woven fabric with unique qualities. Polyester is water repellent and transpires like a natural fiber.

When wet, polyester dries quickly and its lightness makes it ideal for any technical use. At Nontex - in addition to having many polyester rolls ready - we offer our customers all the experience and ability of our development department to create customized products.


Polyester is the only solution for some specific uses and fields where natural fibers cannot compete. Let's see some examples:

Polyester is well suited to the furniture industry, especially in the production of sofa coverings and upholstered furniture in general.

Polyester fabric for sofas does not crease, keeps the fold and is resistant and also easily regains its shape even after washing. Therefore it is ideal for creating practical sofas with removable covers.

Is polyester breathable? Being a very light non-woven fabric, sitting on a sofa in polyester fabric can give a pleasant sensation of freshness to the touch.

Dye-sublimation printing on polyester is a digital printing technique capable of imprinting colors with a faithful, lively and brilliant graphic rendering, unattainable with other products. 

Technical characteristics of synthetic fabrics, especially polyester, make this printing process ideal for customizing banners and flags in an amazing quality. Digitally printed polyester allows the vaporized colors to bind deeply into their fibers with tangible advantages both in the color rendering – visibly vivid – and giving out a pleasant sensation to the touch.

Polyester filters have many applications: from the small car air filter to a more complex industrial filtering system and, depending on the type of non-woven fabric used, polyester filters are able to retain even very small particles.

For this reason, polyester filter material is used in the filter cartridges used in painting booths of car bodies or in metal carpentry where the filter cartridge retains and separates the metal powders.

Internal parts are obtained from a polyester roll in order to filter hydrocarbons, an example is the diesel water separator filter – they also work for oil or petrol – which, thanks to hydrophobic properties, prevent water from ending up in the engine.


1 Composition: 100% polyester

2 Colors: White and dyeing as per sample

3 Grammature: from 17 to 100 gsm (up to 320 cm high)

4 Availability: raw material ready and produced on request

5 Personalization: custom logo, different sizes and shapes

6 Minimum order: 500 pcs. in packs of 50 pcs.

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