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Disposable aprons in non-woven fabric produced by Nontex are resistant, practical and customizable in shapes and colors.

Non-woven aprons find their main use in the restaurant supply chain, non-woven fabric kitchen aprons are ideal for “protecting” those who work in the kitchen and can give a touch of elegance to the dining room staff.

So we can consider nonwoven aprons as working tools; the disposable aprons in non-woven fabric produced by Nontex are resistant, practical and customizable in shapes and colors.


Compared to a fabric apron, the use of a disposable apron offers many advantages, including lightness and significant savings in laundry costs.

The use of non-woven aprons is generally highly appreciated by the staff of:

  • Bars and hotels
  • School canteens
  • Events, parties and festivals

Nonwoven aprons are also used in many different areas, for example in the beauty field, in schools as well as in sports; non woven aprons can acquire different names, depending on the use.


Compared to fabric aprons, disposable non-woven aprons are much lighter and can also be washed even if the disposable advantage remains undeniable.

Nontex produces non-woven fabric aprons in multiple colors, sizes and prints on request: this makes them ideal for differentiating or creating specific products for your needs.


Here are some examples of the main uses of non-woven fabric

Due to its softness and versatility, nonwoven kimonos are highly appreciated by beauticians and there is also the non-woven kimono for hairdressers.

Ultimately, in the beauty field, disposable non-woven kimonos guarantee an excellent level of hygiene, giving customers a feeling of care and attention towards them.

Sporting events such as races need non-woven vests because easily be customized and show the contestant’s numbers and sponsors logos

Used in two different colors it helps to quickly identify the members of a team, perhaps during a soccer match with friends.

Finally, a nonwoven jacket can be useful during guided tours to recognize your group while visiting a museum or in a particularly crowded square.

In kindergarten childrens are stimulated with different materials and colors; getting dirty is part of the educational process and disposable nonwoven aprons for kindergarten are essential tools for protecting teachers’ clothes during workshops and educational projects.

Using smaller dies you can also make disposable aprons for children.


1 Composition: 100% spunbonded polypropylene

2 Colors: 50 colors available

3 Grammature: from 50 to 70 gsm

4 Availability: raw material ready and produced on request

5 Personalization: Custom logo, different sizes and shapes

6 Minimum order: 500pcs. in packs of 50pcs

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