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Non-woven fabric rolls are the most versatile product as well as being particularly resistant. They do not fray, resist tearing and do not deteriorate. They are used in a wide range of fields.

Many workers trade nonwoven reels while Nontex, on the other hand, transforms the non-woven fabric of these reels and trades it in nonwoven rolls.

The supply of the non-woven fabric usually takes place through the sale of fabric in rolls of various sizes and measures, both in height (they are available from 14 mm to 3.200 mm) and in diameter.

Non-woven fabric rolls are the most versatile product, particularly resistant. Rolls do not fray, resist tearing and do not deteriorate.

Non-woven fabric rolls are also available in various thicknesses (weights) in order to meet the different needs of the production chain.

Non-woven fabric rolls are packed individually to always provide an intact, clean and ready-to-use nonwoven roll.

Nonwoven rolls are available in over 50 colors, ready in stock in our warehouse.

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The fields of use of non-woven fabric rolls are many and can be used in various fields, even very different from each other.

The roll is transformed into a reel of nonwoven by choosing the weights that best suit your needs.

Rolls can be made both in standard format (250,500,1000 meters) and by customizing the product if necessary.


Non-woven fabric rolls represent a starting point for every transformation.

Non-woven fabric rolls are washable and can be used with solvents or chemicals. We also transform non-woven fabric into class 1 fireproof material for events.

In fact, we treat certified nonwoven for both indoor and outdoor shows, guaranteeing the safety of the products.


Today it is commonly used for:

To protect products according to your needs.

Items to be used in the health field (for example, reliable and hygienic disposable masks)

Pillowcase or for comfortable sofas: quality protection for these items

Preparations for outdoor events with a fireproof product 

Disposable cape for hairdressers and beauticians to guarantee salon customers’ hygiene and protection

Ribbons used in many fields of use (labels, gift tags, etc.)

Bags and shoppers are ideal because they are resistance and sturdy


1 Composition: 100% spunbonded polypropylene

2 Colors: 50 colors available

3 Grammature: from 10 to 150 gsm

4 Availability: raw material ready and rewound on request

5 Personalization: printed and customized on request

6 Minimum order: roll of 50 mt

Our company, which has always been working in full compliance with the regulations concerning the protection of employees’ health, referring to the Legislative Decree n. 81/2008 and as referred to by the same, it has chosen for years to produce and market its goods, subject to special customer requests to be formalized at the time of order, in rolls that do not exceed kg. 25 of total weight each. For this reason, for example, a gr. 15 cm high. 160 quantities will be supplied in rolls of mtl. 1.000 (weight kg. 24 each). One gr. 30 cm. 160 quantities will be supplied in rolls of mtl. 500 (weight kg. 24 each). One gr. 50 cm. 160 quantities will be supplied in rolls of mtl. 300 (weight always kg. 24 each) and so on.

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