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The nonwoven tablecloth is the assurance of an economical, versatile and practical product in the catering field if replacing the traditional fabric tablecloth.

Nonwoven tablecloths are becoming more important in fields such as catering, events or hospitality structures, replacing traditional fabrics’ tablecloths.

With non-woven fabric tablecloths you can set both the table at home and that of a commercial activity in a modern, colorful and economical way.

We are not dealing with a makeshift solution but a practical tablecloth that “unfolds” on your table in an original and creative way.

Can non-woven fabric tablecloths be customized?

One of the various qualities of disposable tablecloths is personalization: restaurants and Bed and Breakfasts can use non woven tablecloths according to their brand style.

Disposable non-woven tablecloths can be printed with the logo or a specific sentence of the commercial activity, transforming the disposable tablecloth into an effective promotional and marketing tool.

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Yes, they perform different functions. Might it be the convenience of disposable products or the quality of products that feels like traditional fabric to the touch. Disposable nonwoven tablecloths are also:

  • more resistant
  • strong
  • absorbent

they adapt to every situation from the simplest to the most royal one


Compared to the traditional one, you’ll find out that they have very similar characteristics. The non-woven tablecloth is soft, light. It can be washed, disposable advantage is undeniable.

Nontex also produces it on request in multiple colors to differentiate the products. It can be changed in different times or even in different seasons.


Nonwoven table linen can be used in other ways:

Thanks to the softness and adaptability of non-woven fabric we can also make a set of napkins, both in plain colors and in coordinated patterns. They will complete the table in an elegant and nice way.

Non-woven placemats are very resistant and at Nontex, we make them in 30 x 40 classic sizes, available in many colors. This tablecloth is water repellent and protects the table from both water and other drinks. American placemats represent an alternative to the classic tablecloth for setting the table quickly and easily without sacrificing aesthetics.

The nonwoven stain covers with its slightly smaller dimensions and the thin acrylic film serve to protect tablecloths from streaks and stains. This treatment avoids the any type of substance to pass through so the stains are easily washable at low temperatures.

40 × 120 cm non-woven table runners are an innovative product, ideal for banishing tables with seats facing each other. Nonwoven runners are excellent allies of modern and stylish equipment. Thanks to the many colors available we can make any environment look immediately refined.


1 Composition: 100% spunbonded polypropylene

2 Colors: 50 colors available

3 Grammature: starting from 50gr/mq

4 Availability: ready-made raw material and finished product

5 Personalization: dimensions and prints ready or on request

6 Minimum order: depending on the size

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