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What distinguishes us apart from an excellent product is above all that reliability, safety and continuity of supply, speed in delivery

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The experience in the field and the high quality of the machineries allow us to…

Nonwoven fabric

The term “Nonwoven” refers to various types of product that are obtained with processes and fibers…

Plain colors

Nontex has over 50 colors of Nonwoven fabrics in its stock, ready to be sold

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It’s thank to the constant attention to the customer, the building of a climate of respect and trust with sellers and collaborators and the steady care of the environment, that we have reached and surpassed the milestone of twenty years of activity as suppliers of Nonwoven fabric. Today, we are happy to offer this extensive experience to those who turn to us.


The care and the respect of the environment have always been one of the goals of Nontex.

Plain colors

Nontex has over 50 colors of Nonwoven fabrics in its stock, ready to be sold.

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